Institut inter.research e.V.

Institut für interdisziplinäre Forschung - inter.research e.V.

Our profile

At the moment the institute operates in four thematic core areas:

  • Computer-based learning
    In this field the cooperation with different areas of expertise is a requirement for success. Due to various projects, the Institute has experience in the field of foreign languages, intercultural education and communication as well as in quality assurance in the field of e-learning. Examples are the projects LIPS, VITAE and GAMEiT,. In standardization-bodies of the DIN e.V. and the ISO the Institute takes part in standardization works (quality assurance in the field of e-learning).
  • International educational programmes and exchange programmes
    In order to exist in a globalize world international contacts are important in the field of education as well as in the area of research. Equally important is the development and the establishment of understanding of different cultures and nations for each other in order to avoid cultural conflicts. With the support of international educational exchange programs, the institute makes a contribution to that. Examples are the project "Hessen networks!" (a joint project of the Hessen universities in the field of internships abroad) and Leonardo da Vinci (scholarship program of the European Union) in close cooperation with Fulda University of Applied Sciences.
  • User-friendly technologies for the information society
    Information and communication technologies shape our working life and our everyday life. The Institute pleads for regarding users as a focus and initial point for technical development. Part of it is the creation of human-technical interfaces which consider the demands of the elderly or people with limited mobility. In the project "Shoplab", interactive shopping areas are created for the inner-city retail. Among other things, the activities of the institute support the general and the target group oriented (the elderly) user friendliness of the prototypes.